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ACI Industries and Alligator Holdings are very proud of Isaac Schrage, Development Team Member and CNC Apprentice here at ACI, who was included in the Career Spotlight feature in STUFF Southeastern Wisconsin 2020, published by BizTimes Media

Congratulations, Isaac, and to all the outstanding young women and men who promise a bright future for manufacturing in our region. And, very sincere thanks to the great team at BizTimes Media for their continued support and promotion of our state's manufacturing community.

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Light Line Medical, which has developed a proprietary method of delivering light to prevent and treat catheter associated infections, is proud to announce we have been recognized as one of the top three ‘Most Valued Company’ at the Keiretsu Forum Investor Capital Expo that is showcasing 36 late-stage growth companies seeking funding. Nearly 50 angel groups, investors from 100+ Family Offices, corporate partners, and hundreds of accredited investors have attended the first two sessions of the Expo.


Light Line Medical was hand-picked by hundreds of attending angel investors as a stand-out innovator amongst a group of highly touted, entrepreneurial companies from U.S. and Canada.


“This is a great honor for our team and our product lines,” said Vicki Farrar, Light Line CEO. “We have developed a true life-changing technology for dialysis patients, and we can extend the application into other areas of infection prevention”

The Light Line Medical technology uses non-UV visible light to kill bacteria and prevent biofilm both intra and extraluminally. The company has four revolutionary systems in development that are compatible with off-the-shelf catheters and endotracheal tubes (we are not manufacturing catheters). Its’ first four products have the potential to dramatically decrease the frequency of peritoneal dialysis and infections, urinary tract infections, bloodstream infections, and ventilator associated pneumonia.

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StabiLux Biosciences, a Michigan Technological University (MTU) startup, was named the finalist in the healthcare category in the Invest360 Investor Showcase - earning a $50,000 award as a result of being selected best in class.

Invest360 is an acclaimed investor event that showcases a curated group of leading Michigan early-stage companies to the Midwest’s top investors. It is an Ann Arbor SPARK initiative and part of a2Tech360, a week-long series of events that ran September 21-25 that promotes the region as an area of innovation.  Invest360 presentations are imbedded into the agenda of the Michigan Mobility Summit, MI-HQ Life Science Tech Expo, and Michigan Angel Summit.

StabiLux was selected to present to a room of accredited Midwest Angel and VC investors looking for opportunities. At each of the three Invest360 healthcare, mobility, and IT/technology sessions, one company was chosen by a panel of judges to receive a $50,000 award. StabiLux was named the top entrant in the healthcare session for its high-brightness dye technology. StabiLux was founded by Dr. Yoke Khin Yap, a professor of physics, and a distinguished University Professor at Michigan Technological University (MTU). The high-brightness dye technology was developed under the support of $1.6M awards from the National Science Foundation Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR), with Phase I and Phase II projects led by Dr. Nazmiye Yapici.

Most recently, the NSF funded StabiLux with a grant for its high-brightness PCR probe technology that will help to combat COVID-19. The new project is led by Dr. Xiuling Liu. All of these STTR projects were developed in continuing collaboration with Dr. Dongyan Zhang, a research associate professor at MTU. “This technology will be disruptive to the $5.5 billion PCR market and help scientists develop a better virology understanding to prevent future pandemics,” said Steve Tokarz, CEO at StabiLux. “While the work is still in the research stage, the StabiLux team expects high-brightness fluorophore dyes will lead to breakthroughs in immunology, drug discovery and medical diagnosis.”

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ACI Industries is proud to report that we have completed the first phase of equipping our Quality Lab. ACI Quality Specialist / Program Manager, Marcus Callen, has overseen this project from the very beginning, transforming several offices into the start of this fabulous Metrology Center. The ACI Quality Team will be supporting the development and production efforts of our four machine shops and those of our new product development and manufacturing clients.

Special thanks to Richard Schaffer and Nathan Rowland of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence / Hexagon Metrology, Inc. USA and Lucas Milner of KEYENCE CORPORATION for their outstanding professional service. 

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The AQUA Innovations Team is very proud to post our new video - check out the story behind our Nutrient Concentration System – facilitating the modern dairy farmer’s goal of being more productive and efficient, while preserving the quality of our water. Hear from our executive management and technical service teams, along with a testimonial from a Dane County Executive, why our AQUA Innovations Nutrient Management System is game-changing technology for today’s dairy farmer.

Contact Scott Schneider, Executive Vice President - Aqua Innovations, to learn more.
Office: 262-736-4211 ext. 106
Cell: 920-646-9450

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The Aqua Innovations Nutrient Concentration System is an affordable, effective and reliable process technology to fit the dairy industry's nutrient management needs.

- Proven-performance track record and in compliance with WPDS Permit for stream discharge and irrigation
- POLYMER-FREE Technology
- Reduce hauling volume and cost
- Increase yield through separated streams
- Reduce time for nutrient application
- Reduce environmental impact

Aqua Innovations - Establishing and Maintaining Sustainability for the next generation of farming practices.

Call Scott to learn more:
Scott Schneider, Executive Vice President - Aqua Innovations
Office: 262-736-4211 ext. 106
Cell: 920-646-9450

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And the gear keeps coming... New machining technologies arriving every week, here at the ACI Industries Waukesha facility. While the latest group of CNC machines are being brought in, the equipment that arrived last week is being set-up and prepared for operation. As our shop is undergoing this transformation, we are also building a metrology laboratory as an extension of the quality resources at our Gator Mfg. Group locations. Count on more updates soon!

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ACI Industries Waukesha is bringing in an array of machining and metrology equipment to support the expanding needs of GATOR Mfg. Group and our customers. We will be focused on plastics and metals material machining and fabrication operations at our Waukesha location. We are also creating a Metrology Lab in order to facilitate the quality process needs of Alligator Holdings-affiliated companies and our manufacturing customers. We’ll be posting updates on our progress and defining the scope of our technologies as they develop and come online.

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Accord laser Cutter install.jpg

A new Mitsubishi Electric ML3015eX PLUS Laser Cutter was installed earlier this year at Accord Manufacturing, in our Jackson, Wisconsin facility. While various projects are being handled by the machine, we just finished integrating an automated sheet stock (12' x 6') feed system to keep it well fed. The 8-Palette Loading Tower was installed by MC Machinery Systems Inc. of Elk Grove Village, Illinois. This manufacturing cell significantly expands the capabilities of ACCORD and is another in the list of growing machining services provided by the GATOR Manufacturing Team.

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ACI Machining Capabilities expansion.jpg

ACI Industries Saukville has been on quite a fast growth pace - the company provides engineered metal and plastic components for the medical device, water treatment, armament, industrial, construction and energy industries. Several new centers have been added in the last few months, increasing capacity across all capabilities. Machining technologies include: CNC turning / swiss-turning, bar-fed CNC turning, surface grinding, CNC sawing and 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 axis CNC milling.

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QWS FLEX Process Development.jpg

The QWS FLEX Whole House Water Filtration System is getting close to launch. We are preparing to create a BETA-Community of users for our first round of installations. Homeowners who are a member of our BETA Family will be able to purchase, at a significant discount, a complete 4-cartridge system with filters and installation included. We will be posting the details of program on the QWS Facebook page and on the QWS FLEX web site

In the mean time - if you are interested in learning more and becoming a member, please send an email to us so we can follow up with you once the program is ready -

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