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And the gear keeps coming... New machining technologies arriving every week, here at the ACI Waukesha facility. While the latest group of CNC machines are being brought in, the equipment that arrived last week is being set-up and prepared for operation. As our shop is undergoing this transformation, we are also building a metrology laboratory as an extension of the quality resources at our Gator Mfg. Group locations. Count on more updates soon!

ACI Waukesha is bringing in an array of machining and metrology equipment to support the expanding needs of GATOR Mfg. Group and our customers. We will be focused on plastics and metals material machining and fabrication operations at our Waukesha location. We are also creating a Metrology Lab in order to facilitate the quality process needs of Alligator Holdings-affiliated companies and our manufacturing customers. We’ll be posting updates on our progress and defining the scope of our technologies as they develop and come online.

A new Mitsubishi Electric ML3015eX PLUS Laser Cutter was installed earlier this year at ACCORD MANUFACTURING, in our Jackson, Wisconsin facility. While various projects are being handled by the machine, we just finished integrating an automated sheet stock (12' x 6') feed system to keep it well fed. The 8-Palette Loading Tower was installed by MC Machinery Systems Inc. of Elk Grove Village, Illinois. This manufacturing cell significantly expands the capabilities of ACCORD and is another in the list of growing machining services provided by the GATOR Manufacturing Team.

ACI Industries has been on quite a fast growth pace - the company provides engineered metal and plastic components for the medical device, water treatment, armament, industrial, construction and energy industries. Several new centers have been added in the last few months, increasing capacity across all capabilities. Machining technologies include: CNC turning / swiss-turning, bar-fed CNC turning, surface grinding, CNC sawing and 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 axis CNC milling.

The QWS FLEX Whole House Water Filtration System is getting close to launch. We are preparing to create a BETA-Community of users for our first round of installations. Homeowners who are a member of our BETA Family will be able to purchase, at a significant discount, a complete 4-cartridge system with filters and installation included. We will be posting the details of program on the QWS Facebook page and on the QWS FLEX web site https://www.qwsflex.com/

In the mean time - if you are interested in learning more and becoming a member, please send an email to us so we can follow up with you once the program is ready - info@alligatorcompanies.com

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