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The Alligator Holdings story...

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Alligator Holdings, LLC operates as an early stage investor group using the in-house resources of our family office. We are focused on bringing innovational products to market through strategic investments, and advanced engineering and manufacturing processes. As such, we provide many of the services of both an incubator and accelerator, as appropriate and beneficial to the individual company.

Alligator Holdings, LLC, believes that the modern marketplace can be an avenue for good. With years of experience and the courage to drive cutting edge solutions, Alligator Holdings, LLC, is uniquely positioned to make the positive changes that investors, industries and consumers want to see.


Our fund and associated investors lead, and invest in, Seed Preferred and early Series A financing rounds with high exit multiple opportunities. In many cases, we become part of our investment companies’ teams, leveraging our experience and expertise in areas where they are still developing appropriate personnel and supply chain partner resources. We often play active roles in product development, quality planning, the commercialization process and in communication strategies to protect and insure our investments.

Alligator was established by Mark G. Sellers in 2018 as a growing group of companies focused on bringing innovational products and technologies to market through advanced engineering, manufacturing and quality processes. Mark remains connected to his passions, serving as chairman of the board.


What you need to know about Mark is that he creates opportunities. He understands, from experience, the marketplace can be a platform from which the common good is promoted, if bright minds come together to focus on solutions.


From 1982 through May 2016, Mark was the CEO of MGS Mfg. Group, a $200+ million plastics manufacturing company with facilities in Wisconsin, Illinois, Mexico and Ireland. During the company’s first decade, as Moldmakers Incorporated, its operations consisted of designing, manufacturing and sampling injection molds. Recognizing opportunities in the growing market, Mark founded additional companies targeting specific development services, including Prototype, Mold & Design (PMD), O&S Design, and Moldmakers Die Cast Tooling.


During these years, Mark was an initial and subsequent long-time supporter of the MACC Fund, and served as president of the Southeastern Wisconsin Junior Achievement Association. In 1990, Mark was named Emerging Markets Award Winner – Midwest Region, Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young.


In the early-mid 90s, the name was changed to MGS Mfg. Group to reflect the wide scope of vertically integrated capabilities and services it provided, including injection molding, value-added operations, and custom molding and automation equipment fabrication. MGS opened a production facility in Libertyville, Illinois in 2000 and purchased an existing medical molding facility in Antioch, Illinois in 2006. 2008 saw the company expand into Mexico with the purchase of a molding plant in Chihuahua. A global footprint was established in 2011 with the launch of MGS Ireland molding operations near Dublin.


Mark sold MGS in 2016 to Milwaukee-based private equity group Mason Wells. This enabled him to pursue his current passion – creating opportunities. He has since invested capital and his experienced expertise in establishing new companies and in reinvigorating existing manufacturers with new business strategies and operational-process best practices along with facility and equipment improvements.


Throughout his manufacturing career, Mark has been a consistent supporter of the Southeastern Wisconsin educational community. From sponsoring robotic teams in middle schools to machining technology donations to high schools, he has enabled curriculum expansion and opportunities for students seeking to make a career in the trades. In 2002, the Mark G. Sellers Entrepreneurial Foundation was established as a means of providing financial assistance to students and educational institutions through scholarships and equipment donations.


In support of the plastics industry, Mark served as a board member and in leadership positions for over 15 years for its largest non-profit group, the SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers). He had roles including chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer and secretary for both the international association and at the regional level for the Milwaukee Chapter.


For nine years, Mark served as board director of Commerce State Bank.


He served his State of Wisconsin Tool and Die Apprenticeship at Plastronics Inc., Milwaukee, and completed his educational studies at MATC (Milwaukee Area Technical College).

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Today, Mark is the go-to innovational leader in Wisconsin manufacturing, guiding heads of industry and rising investors every year. Through Mark’s leadership, those who crave change leave behind the feeling of being disconnected from innovation and become deeply invested in propelling forward solutions that work – and that improve the lives of our families and communities.

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